Diego Diego Diego!

A Dingo and A Plug (Woah, not like that.)

Diego made a trip recently to Sydney and managed to crawl all over one of it's famous landmarks.

And.... *drumrolls*
We're very happy to say that Dog's Days of Summer has been listed in the October editions of Diamond Comics Previews!
I urge you if you're ready, willing and able to hit your nearest comic book store and ask them to order the Dog's Days of Summer graphic novel! Tell the manager to look it up in Diamond Previews in the graphic novel section, and that it is awesome. Help spread the word of anthropromorphic arts in it's slow but steady progress toward world domination! (have I said too much? Bwhahahah!)
(And for the record, since it's bound to be asked, I make about 25 cents per copy sold wholesale. It'll take a lot of copies sold to fund my secret hideout inside a volcano on a remote desert island where I can further scheme my evil plots, so get cracking!)

You have until the rest of October to refer to the book in Diamond Previews, otherwise, you can hit your nearest bookstore and ask them to order the book by it's ISBN:978-0-9791496-7-2  . You can do that right now, next week, next month--whenever. You can also go to your local public library and ask them to order the book!

If you just want to get your paws on a copy, you're still more than welcome to order straight from the publisher, Sofawolf Press! They ship worldwide and will have it to you right quick!

So, the plan of attack:
-Go to Barnes and Nobles/Red Letter/Borders/whatever to their book ordering/information kiosk thingie.
-Tell them to order a copy of the graphic novel, Dog's Days of Summer, ISNB:978-0-9791496-7-2 by "Blotch"
-Give them a suitably hilarious fake name, such as "Justin Case" or "Robin Banks"
-Vanish, never to return so they put the comic on the shelf for sale.
-Some poor unsuspecting person sees the book. Their mind is corrupted and they run out to buy themselves a tail and create a suitably unique sparkledog fursona that incorporates their individualist identity.
-Cycle of furry propagation is complete.
-World domination is ours.

Much obliged! >:]


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Diego Diego Diego!

Nice Shirt!

And a note from the road:
I'm very happy to say the Dog's Days Shirts will go for online general sale this Saturday, the 13th!
Half will be for sale at 8AM (CTD) and the other half will open for sale at 8PM (CTD) to help accommodate those in various timezones.

Get 'em from Sofawolf Press, click here!

Also, on that note, the Dog's Days of Summer books are back in stock on the Sofawolf website as the latest re-print has come in. If you don't have a copy and would like one, now's your chance! :]

*darts back into the wilds*
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Diego Diego Diego!

Well Look Who It Is

EuroFurence is just around the corner and Diego will be there, running amok in the unsuspecting German town of Suhl!

There are some copies of Dog’s Days of Summer that will be available in the Dealer’s Room (which I’ll be more than happy to sign!), as well as the Dog’s Days Hawaiian shirts! Online sale for those will begin in September from Sofawolf, so don’t worry if you had your eye on one and missed the online pre-sales.

ALSO, some exciting news! Dog’s Days of Summer was picked up to be carried in Diamond Comics distributor’s magazine for their October/Christmas catalog—so what does that mean? Come October you can go to your local book store and twist their arm until they order a few copies!


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That aside, it’s time to start packing and drinking heavily!

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Diego Diego Diego!

Dog's Days, Online!

Well now cats and kittens, beach bums and bunnies! Here's a quick note from ComicCon: I'm happy to announce that the Dog's Days of Summer comic is now available online through Sofawolf Press' website! If you order in the first week of online sale, you'll receive a discount, so act before August 2nd if you'd like to save yourself the cost of a tinny or two!

If you are in the San Diego area this weekend and of a ComicCon persuasion, stop by the Sofawolf booth at G10 (row 600 or so) to get a copy and have it signed! As of last night we've only got about 6 or 7 copies left, so hoof it!

Have a good weekend! *toasts a breakfast beer and disappears back into the wilds of ComicCon International*
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Diego Diego Diego!

Round Two!

The Dog's Days of Summer was released last weekend and we're happy (and amazed!) to say that Sofawolf Press sold out of the comic on the first day of the convention! A reprint order has been sent to the printer and the comic will be available online in a week or so, as well as at ComicCon in San Diego at the end of July.

Here's a link to the product ordering page at Sofawolf Press's website, which will be updated soon as the reprint is in and ready for sale. For the first week of online sale, you'll be able to receive the same sale price that was offered at AnthroCon before the price reverts to full cover price. Don't miss your chance for a discount!

A big thanks to all who bought the book and supported the project! Time for round two!

Hungover Party Time

Bearer of Bad News

While the sun will still rise at Anthrocon, sadly there has been a manufacturer's error with the Dog's Days camp shirts and they need to be redone. So, long story short? They can't make it to AC next week. If you pre-ordered, you have a couple of options.
If you can't make it to AC and couldn't pre-order, well, this might be your lucky break as now the remaining shirts will be sold online when the second, properly done run becomes available.

Sofawolf will have a few of the sample shirts, (which were done correctly), so people can still see the shirt in person at the convention in the Dealer's Room.

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It's a shame, but it's a problem that was well out of Sofawolf's hands, and these things happen.

BUT, the comic (which is the important thing) is most certainly perfect and free from any printer's errors, and would love to go home with you this AC. >;]

Anyhow, my AnthroCon prep still goes as stressfully planned and I'll be hitting the road in a few... hours? Yikes, back to work for me! See you at AC!

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Diego Diego Diego!

The Books Are In!

Photo courtesy of the fellows at Sofawolf Press!

I am very happy to say the Dog's Days of Summer books are ready and waiting to hit the Dealer's Room at AnthroCon, in 9 days!

Along that note--the Dog's Days website has been redone, including:
-the Guest Art section (thanks to everyone who's drawn the characters!)
-more information about the book's release in the News Section
-a page for the characters (including the super secret never-before-seen character. Dun dun DUN.)

ALSO: Check out the site to see the revised version of the first 33 pages, as they will appear in the printed comic. Spelling and grammar have been beaten into submission, a standard font has been used for your reading pleasure, some deformed expressions modified and a few nonsensical scenes tweaked for flow. You can play Spot-the-Difference between the new and old version, if you find yourself so inclined. ;]

Go on! www.dogsdaysofsummer.com

The website is still a work in progress of course, but now it's functional!

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